New designs

Xtone’s new designs were exquisitely created and selected to add a special value to the collection. New wood tones that complete the colour palett, from the darkest to the lightest wood. A new metal with a very special bluish tone, classic stones, and marbles with a very surprising and daring design.  We can see the predominance of nature and earth tones in these designs, and a possibility of combinable contrasts that create a beautiful composition.



Invest Hong Kong, April 2023

Anteric Group’s founder and CEO Antonio Ramirez was on April’s newsletter case study, talking about how welcoming and easy Hong Kong makes it to start a business and be successful, regardless of being a foreigner. Thus creating a perfect balance between the business environment and family life.

The article describes how Anteric Group provides a one-stop solution for luxury interiors, offering a seamless experience of supplying, fabricating, and installing, with a vast stock of high-quality products readily available in Hong Kong. 

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