ANTERIC GROUP carefully selects that our partners meet a solid foundation to the environment, and they have sustainability as a top priority in the company core values.   

For instance, the Sintered Stone product is produced in the most sustainable, technology advanced plant in Europe in its category, displays nearly 30,000 of square meters of photovoltaic panels.   

In addition, ANTERIC SINTERED STONE is constantly in search for added products to improve the already existing high-performance surface such as surface coating for façade applications that provides decontamination effects to the air pollution or enhance the self-cleaning specifications. Also, we offer a dedicated product care solutions to maximize the hygiene properties of the product.  

CAMBRIA as our signature partner, American-made and family-owned company, they are fully committed being able to integrate a complete plan in the entire supply chain, beginning in their company-owned mine and continuing through processing, Cambria employs sustainable best practices in transportation, water usage, power generation, lighting design, tooling and materials to help safeguard the land and its people for generations to come. Find out more in the dedicated Cambria page and click the film THE ART OF STONE. 


ANTERIC GROUP dedicates a light part of its profit and its team is invested with work and time to support some charity causes. From our company, we encourage you , dear partners and readers , to be part of some of our activities. Contact us !!