cambria favorite spaces

Design Spotlight: Pretty in Portrush

Have your sights set on Portrush? Elegant and beautiful, this Cambria design features a warm white base crisscrossed with bold navy, gray, and black veins accompanied by fine-spun filaments and gleaming gold flakes.  

Tell a Story with Cambria Bookmatching

 The mirroring effect of bookmatched Cambria designs makes an impactful visual statement, dramatizing the aesthetics of the space. 

Beautiful Bentley Spaces

 Have your sights set on Bentley? This beautiful Cambria design features a white background intersected with bold, translucent black and charcoal veins along with muted light gray spatters throughout. 

Cambria designs with movement and veining add interest and character to a décor scheme. Both bold and versatile, the iconic black and white Bentley design fits seamlessly into any interior design aesthetic and combines design and durability—Cambria natural quartz surfaces are nonabsorbent, scratch and stain resistant, and maintenance-free—for a lifetime of beauty.