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Slimtech Facades


What is Slimtech Green Facades?

It’s an aqueous and titanium dioxide nanoparticle-based treatment that is sprayed on Neolith to create a photo- catalytic, self-cleaning and decontaminating effect.

How does it work?

The Neolith + Slimtech Green Facades technology creates self-cleaning surfaces that purify the air by means of two fundamental processes: PHOTOCATALYSIS and SUPERHYDROPHILICITY.

Over time, building facades become dirty and full of contaminating agents that are carried through the air to the surface. When the surface enters into contact with sunlight (or some LED lights), titanium dioxide particles are activated which use light energy to transform the moisture in the air into oxidizing agents which destroy the nitrogen dioxide particles and contaminating agents and transform them into water vapor and salt.

This process, which is known as PHOTOCATALYSIS, is repeated millions of times per second until all contaminants are destroyed, meaning the surface is constantly being self-cleaned.

SUPERHYDROPHILICITY is produced to complete the treatment action. Thanks to the properties of Neolith + Slimtech Green Facades facades, water expands on the surface evenly when it rains to drag and remove any remaining dirt particles. This leaves the surface completely clean without any watermarks.


100% Natural

Made of clays, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides, Neolith will not emit toxic fumes into the environment when exposed to fire or extremely high temperatures.

100% Recyclable

Due to its natural composition, Neolith can be recycled and reduced to its aggregates. Up to 52% recycled content: Up to 52% of any Neolith slab is composed of recycled raw materials.

Near-Zero Porosity

With a porosity of less than 0.08 percent, Neolith is impervious to absorption, making it a hygienic product resistant to bacteria that can cause disease and trigger allergies.


Greenguard Certification

(formerly GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification) Certifies that Neolith meets strict chemical emissions limits, contributing to a healthier interior.

Greenguard Gold Certification

(formerly known as GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification) Certifies that Neolith is safe indoors for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly) and ensures that the product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

CE Certification (European Commission)

Confirms that Neolith meets European safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

LEED Points Earner

LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a program that provides thirdparty verification of green buildings. Neolith satisfies safety prerequisites and earns points to help consumers achieve the desired level of certification for their home or commercial project

Member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

The USGBC, the council that oversees LEED, allows advocates for green-building policies and practices to come together



Fewer raw materials, less erosion

Neolith’s thin slabs use fewer raw materials, resulting in less soil erosion, without sacrificing any strength.


CO2 Emissions Reduction

A slimmer slab means a lighter slab. With Neolith, it’s possible to transport more than double the amount of surface per container than with thicker products like marble, granite or quartz. The lighter weight allows for a more fuel efficient journey and considerable reductions in CO2 emissions.


Water-based decoration

Neolith uses the ultimate water-based decoration technology in its production, which, compared to the solvent-based decoration commonly used in industry, have a much lower environmental impact.


No gut remodels

Neolith’s slim surface can be applied directly onto existing surfaces, saving remodelers from costly tear-outs while reducing landfill waste. No landfill waste means no waste transportation needed, further reducing net CO2 emissions


Optimized energy consumption

Neolith’s resistance to extremely high and low temperatures makes it ideal for ventilated façades. The thermal insulation and ventilation between the Neolith façade and the building itself optimizes the building’s energy consumption considerably (up to 40%).


Facade mechanical cladding system manufactured in Hong Kong, material cut to size and facade installation service

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